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Gilda Martinez is by any measure the single most indispensable employee in the Arizona Attorney General's Office Fraud & Special Prosecution Section. The foregoing salute is not an exaggeration. Her title as Section Administrator understates the reality of the positive impact of the breadth, depth, and value of her contributions to the Section's mission.

Gilda is as close to a perfectionist as can be, given the seemingly unlimited, diverse, and often sudden and pressing nature of the responsibilities with which she is charged — and for other volunteered aid. None has benefitted more from Gilda's expertise, guidance and assistance than the Section Chief.

Gilda is an excellent ambassador for the Attorney General's Office; her unsurpassed demonstration of competency is such as to assure that her selection as APAAC's Support Staff person of the year 2014 would be a most worthy one.


Sheila Moeur
Sheila Moeur is a twenty-five year veteran of the Oro Valley Prosecutor’s office. Starting with the office as a part-time secretary back in 1988, Sheila has steadily progressed until she reached her current position, that of the offices Senior Paralegal. As the Senior Paralegal she supervises the other prosecution staff, is ultimately responsible for all criminal case disclosure and calendaring, the prosecution case management system, the ACJIS system, the prosecution and department budget and recently the Town’s Risk Management system.

Sheila is considered indispensible. She is well thought of and known in the Southern Arizona region. Often defense counsel have commented how Oro Valley’s disclosures are the most timely and complete in the region and defense attorney’s and police officers go out of their way to stop by just to say “hello” to her. She is the offices go-to person and represents the heart and soul of the department.


Yvonne Gallego
Yvonne Gallego is a Paralegal in the Juvenile Unit of the Pima County Attorney's Office. She has been with the County Attorney's Office since July 1996. Yvonne is one of PCAO's most valued employees. Recently, the County Attorney's Office launched CAMMS (PCAO's case management system) for the Juvenile Unit. Although CAMMS had been in the works for some time, the I.T. Department found the complexity of it technically challenging, but Yvonne Gallego dedicated countless hours learning about and testing CAMMS. She became the "key cog" in getting CAMMS implemented in the Juvenile Unit and is the go-to person for users with any and all problems.

Her unwavering commitment to PCAO and her phenomenal work ethic helped ensure the success of Juvenile's case management system. Any spare time Yvonne has is filled by her husband, two daughters, a son, and two grandsons. In addition, she enjoys baking, Zumba, and the Arizona Wildcats.

Ginger Duval
Ginger Duval is an LPS (Legal Processing Support) in the Charging Unit of the Pima County Attorney's Office. She was hired in December 2009 as a receptionist, and in the short time she has been at PCAO, Ginger has proven to be a major asset to the County Attorney's Office. She is reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, and a team player who not only gets her work done, but consistently volunteers to help others.

In addition, she has a great disposition and gets along extremely well with other employees. No matter where she is working – Initial Appearances, the Priors' Unit, Felony Records, or Reception – she always maintains a friendly and positive attitude. Ginger said she is lucky to have such a great job and couldn't ask for a better place to work or better co-workers to work with. When not working, Ginger's spare time is filled with sewing, reading (especially Shakespeare), and Star Trek.


Stefan Eckel
Stefan is Coconino County Attorney's Office Records Management Clerk and oversees the creation, management, distribution, retention and destruction of all criminal cases. Stefan is dedicated to the work and understands the importance of providing complete, accurate and timely management of documents and files for attorneys and legal staff.

For the past three years, Stefan has managed to balance his 40 hour work week while going to Northern Arizona University full time, and does so with equal enthusiasm and dedication. He will graduate this month and intends to go to law school.

Stefan has contributed to our office in many ways. He has shared his fluent Spanish speaking and writing skills to assist in interpreting oral and written communicate with victims or witnesses. Other notable contributions have been his participation and leadership in office morale building activities, his facilitation of special projects, and last but not least, lifter of all things heavy! As any prosecutor's office knows there are boxes and boxes of files that need to be stored, schlepped and shredded, and Stefan does it all!


Lolita Francisco
Since joining the City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office in October 2011, Lolita Francisco has been a great asset to the office.

Lolita is trained to perform a variety of attorney support functions and she works diligently to ensure that her work is accurate and timely.

Lolita has been recognized for bringing a case with a fast approaching statute of limitations expiration to the attention of an attorney. Without Lolita's attention to detail and willingness to go the extra step, the opportunity to file charges may have been missed, leaving a victim with limited relief.

The team is most appreciative of Lolita's flexibility and dependability. Working the Initial Appearance Court Docket is an intense and demanding assignment. The volume of work is unpredictable, the time to prepare each case for review by an attorney is extremely limited, and working cooperatively with the prosecutor is required. Although it is not her regular assignment, when she is needed, Lolita is able to successfully complete the assignment efficiently and with a high level of professionalism. In addition, when asked to adjust her weekly schedule to work the Initial Appearance Court Docket on the weekend, Lolita gracefully agrees.

Lolita is dependable, proficient, helpful and an invaluable member of our team.  


Megan Spielman and Arlene Ruiz
La Paz County is able to provide a full array of meaningful services to victims of crime for two reasons: Megan Spielman and Arlene Ruiz.

Victim Advocate Megan Spielman, champion of victims' rights, is a compassionate liaison between victims and the criminal justice system. She has become the voice for crime victims in La Paz County. Arlene Ruiz, the Advocate's Assistant, works tirelessly ensuring compliance with state mandates, allowing Ms. Spielman time for one-on-one support to victims.

Both are dedicated to assisting victims, always available to talk, and eager to learn. They are committed to the idea that victims must not be 'left behind at the crime scene,' but empowered through education and support to exercise their constitutional rights. Their innovative approach to creating programs and providing services has made the La Paz County Attorney's Victim Services Division a means of going above and beyond meeting mandates to meeting needs.